Climate action for music fans

Live music. There’s nothing like it. It’s the ultimate experience for music fans. The Climate Gig enables fans to enjoy live music more sustainably, by addressing your carbon emissions when traveling to and from music events. Together, we support meaningful climate impact.

Estimate your carbon emissions.

Enter your travel details to understand the carbon emissions your travel to and from your
next live music event will generate – and then see options for taking climate action.



How it works:

Identify: Enter your travel details into the carbon widget on this page and estimate the emissions of your trip.

Choose: Choose whether you would like to address your carbon footprint by supporting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), verified carbon offsets, or a combination of both!

Implement: If you select SAF, your chosen volume will be entered into an airport closest to the SAF production facility. If you select carbon offsets, your contribution will go towards a certified climate project.

Impact: You will receive a receipt highlighting your purchase and corresponding contribution.

Want to know how we do it?

The highest source of carbon emissions from live music events is usually flights but emissions from ground transportation (i.e., cars or trains) are not too far behind. The Climate Gig is an online tool that lets you understand and act on these carbon emissions through supporting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and a high-impact climate project.

The climate gig is essential for me because I work for different environmental organizations, and sometimes my work feels double since I fly a lot. So it’s beautiful that The Climate gig exists and that we can address it a bit and work towards a better future. And to use my platform for a good cause.

Deer Jade
It’s now more important than ever that we take action for our planet, supporting innovative and efficient new alternatives like the Climate Gig.

I love my career & I'm super grateful for all the places where I get to play & be a voice for change. But travel emissions continue to be a big dilemma for me. I’m a climate activist & I want to remove single-use plastics from the scene, so I really don't feel at ease burning all this fuel to go spread my music. The Climate Gig is a perfect solution for me, & I hope it get's a lot of love in the industry.

Even if we truly love our job, we must admit it has its limitations when it comes to environmental responsibility. Despite many efforts on our daily routine (buying less plastic, consuming less, eating organic) and even if we try our best for our trips (taking alternative ways of transportation) we’re still confronted to the necessity of frequently flying from a place to another. And unfortunately we don’t have much choice if we want to maintain our level of activity. Therefore it becomes critical for us to find a way to compensate this impact, and The Climate Gig just looks like the perfect match. Indeed, either by catching CO2, planting trees or developing sustainable aviation fuel, we feel like it will allow us to concretely act, and send a positive message to our families, friends, and supporters. We love to travel the world to spread positive vibes, but it’s time to stop making it negative for the planet. We’re sure this will become possible thanks to The Climate Gig, and we’re excited to work on this with you guys!

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